• Steve Choi


  • Industry: Finance/ entertainment/ fine art

    HOME: Seoul, South Korea

    YEAR: 2021

    MAJOR: Government & History of Art




    "Last summer, I worked for Ultra Music Festival Korea as a Hospitality Intern, where I had the opportunity to work with the Head of Security for Ultra Worldwide and greet the Chainsmokers at the airport. Also, I worked for PwC Samil in their Deal Research Center, assisting the team in generating M&A proposals for major clients in the East Asia region. Next summer, I will be enlisting in the Korean Army for a year and a half to complete my mandatory military service."



    "I am a member of Alpha Delta Phi and the Outreach Chair for Korean Students Association."



    "In my free time, I love to DJ- there is a high chance that I was djing one of the parties you've been to at Cornell. I have played in venues around Seoul as well, including Club Octagon, #8 on DJ Mag's 100 Best Clubs list. I also enjoy traveling, visiting art galleries around the world, and exploring the world of fine dining based on the Michelin Guide."